High Tension & Low Voltage System, External & Internal Electrical Distribution System, Generator Set Installation, Electrical Substation, Lighting & Power System, Special Lighting Installation, Public Address System, Sound & Audio Visual System, Central Radio & Television System, etc…


Air-Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation, Plumbing & Sanitary Installation, Cold & Hot Water Supply Installation, Fire Protection System, Lift & Escalator, Industrial Cooling System.


Auditorium/Hall Acoustic System, Laboratory/Anechoic Chamber, Multimedia/Audio Visual System, Industrial Noise Control, Generator Set Noise Control

Telecommunication & IT

Telephone Distribution & Intercommunication System, Public Address & Audio/Visual Systems, CCTV,Security Systems & Building Automations, Data Networking, Telecommunication and Video Networking System, It Infrastructures & Fiber Optic Cabling.

Green Building Index

Consultation During Design Stage, Preparing Documentation for Submission & Report, Registration to MGBC for GBI rating.